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New features fuelled
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Smart Predictions

Stay on the ball by monitoring the price of fuel.

Just-in-time Notifications

Receive notifications every month when the price of fuel is scheduled to change and know when to fill up.

Savings Calculator

Calculate your maximum earning potential by knowing when to fill up.

Cross Device Vehicle Profiles

Sync your multiple vehicle profiles across all your devices and calculate your total savings potential.


Save even more by opting-in to receive limited offers and specials from nearby stations.

Share the Love

Help your nearest and dearest save money by sharing increase/decrease notices.
Monitor Predictions
View fuel price predictions and see whether price is increasing or decreasing.
Know whether you should be planning a fill up before or after price regulation day.
Get Notified!
Receive notification alerts when the price of fuel is scheduled to change.
Beat the queue before or after price regulation day.
Rinse and repeat
Keep up to date with our fuel alerts and keep saving every month.
Oh, and help your friends save too!
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Oh that’s right… Time to save!

Get notified on your connected devices when it’s time to hit the pumps, or if you should take a little time to pause, reflect and wait for the drop in price!

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Finally get pumped about the price of fuel!

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